A History of Lyndeborough 1735 - 2022 Books On Sale Now!

Image of History of Lyndeborough Book Cover

Written by our very own Stephanie Abbot Roper, Scott Roper, and Jessie Salisbury are here! (hardcover 385 pages).

Available for purchase $40.00 cash or check, at Citizens’ Hall, 9 Citizens’ Hall Road, Lyndeborough NH, 03082. Mondays, 8 am to 4 pm and Tuesdays through Thursdays, 8 am to 3 pm.

From the back cover: Take a journey with us through a history of Lyndeborough, New Hampshire, a town with a history as unique as its name.  The town of many corner has survived, despite having challenging geography and sometimes impassable roads that separated village and limited industry.  Farming and summer vacationers have come and gone, as have its biggest claims to fame – Lyndeborough Glass, Clark Pottery, the Pinnacle House Hotel, and the annual Washington’s Birthday celebrations.  The railroad no longer travels through town, the Pinnacle Grange and other groups no longer meet, community picnics are a thing of the past, and the one-room schoolhouses are either long gone or private houses.  However, both town halls, the Lafayette Artillery, honoring veterans, an above-average number of cemeteries, and some quirky traditions have endured.  Lyndeborough’s public offices, group activities, and purposes have all evolved since the first settlers came to Salem-Canada nearly three hundred years ago.  Through ups and downs over the decades, this “Town of Friendly Neighbors” and its people have retained their sense of community.