Highway Department Advisory Committee


To advise the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator on all matters relating to the care, maintenance, and rehabilitation of all roads, asphalt or gravel, and all allied activities that impact said town road structure.  They shall also advise on the care and selection of all rolling stock of the highway department and have current knowledge of new and innovative techniques that affect the longevity of roads.


The committee shall consist of the Town Administrator, a Selectman, and at least three, but not more than five residents of the Town of Lyndeborough, chosen for their career experience and or educational/professional training.  The appointed Road Agent shall serve as an ex officio member of the Advisory Committee.

Areas of Analysis

  • Inventory and analysis of suitability and utilization of small/light equipment and heavy equipment.
  • Adequacy of formal and informal maintenance practices and procedures, garage space, and stockpiling areas and practices.
  • Appropriateness of summer and winter work schedules, and current staffing and skill sets.
  • Other areas that the Advisory Committee deems appropriate for an ongoing analysis of the department.


The Committee shall have an organizational meeting and then meet at least quarterly.